Northern Michigan’s Killer Climbs

In Northern Michigan, we are blessed with some absolutely stunning glacially formed landscapes (but not as stunning as the cover image). Over the past hundred years or so, we've also had some beautiful roads built over some of those rather large or steep hills. Here's a list of them in no particular order! 1. Arbor … Continue reading Northern Michigan’s Killer Climbs


Bicycle Helmets: A How-To

If you can't tell what's wrong in the picture above, you need some help. Does your helmet look like this? Or have you had the same helmet since 1983 (or even more than 5 years old)? Or are you one of those tough guys who doesn't wear a helmet? If you answered yes to any … Continue reading Bicycle Helmets: A How-To

Zwift is Future. Future is Now.

How to fall in love with your indoor trainer. The Background I had never been on the deciding end of a breakup until now. A few weeks ago I tried to go for a fatbike ride. I made it three-quarters of a mile before turning around. I was tired of being cold and knew I … Continue reading Zwift is Future. Future is Now.