Gravel: Michigan’s dirty blessing

Gravel roads are where it's at. What "it's" am I talking about? It, man. I'm talking about it. If you don't get it, I'm gonna make you understand. Right now. Here in Michigan, we have more than 30,000 miles of unpaved roads. Some improved, others not so much (read: sand). But the fact of the … Continue reading Gravel: Michigan’s dirty blessing


All About Snowshoeing

We did a short interview about snowshoeing for a newspaper downstate. After giving ourselves a hearty pat on the back we thought you all might enjoy learning a bit more about the benefits of snowshoeing. Enjoy! Please tell me a little bit in general about snowshoeing in Michigan. What makes snowshoeing the perfect winter activity? … Continue reading All About Snowshoeing

New Products That We Kinda Like A Lot Part 1

Every fall we get visited by sales reps from a variety of companies in the cycling industry. Sometimes there isn't much new to see and things are kind of business as usual. Other times they have new and exciting products that make us rethink or reorganize entire product categories, or create new ones! As fall … Continue reading New Products That We Kinda Like A Lot Part 1

The Joy of Women’s Cycling Skills Clinics

By Karen Wright When asked to do a blog about women's bike clinics I was happy to oblige.  A big part of the women's clinics are the support and camaraderie that women share with each other.  There is nothing more empowering then a group of women working together to learn and support other women in the … Continue reading The Joy of Women’s Cycling Skills Clinics