Scene from the Wheelway – Part I

New cyclists often have similar stories that spring from their experiences on bicycles. Recounting the details of fun, memorable rides often elicits eager, youthful smiles as adventurers describe the various joys associated with riding bikes. For me, one theme recurs more than others, especially with new cyclists, or those who’ve returned to it after years or … Continue reading Scene from the Wheelway – Part I


Hottest Bikes In The Shop

Working in a bike shop you see a lot of bikes, but each year it seems like there are a few models that stand out. Maybe it's a cool paint scheme, a new wheel or tire size, a killer group of components, or outstanding value. Here are a few bikes we have in the store … Continue reading Hottest Bikes In The Shop

E-Bike Trail Access Explained

Electric bikes, commonly known as e-bikes, are a popular new category that is attracting a lot of attention from riders looking to make cycling easier. These bikes have an electric motor that assists the rider but (most) still require pedaling. The assisted pedaling puts them in a grey area between motorized and non-motorized vehicles. This … Continue reading E-Bike Trail Access Explained

31 Reasons to Attend The 2019 Latitude 45 April Fools Ride

APRIL FOOLS! IT'S ON SUNDAY MARCH 31 SATURDAY APRIL 20 THIS YEAR! You'll get some activity in before the real April Fools Day this year, which is a Monday this year. It is ABSOLUTELY FREE! This event costs you $0. However, please register in advance so we know how many treats to get. It's not super … Continue reading 31 Reasons to Attend The 2019 Latitude 45 April Fools Ride

How to Pick a Piece of Fitness Equipment

What is the right piece of equipment for your home gym? At Latitude 45 we have helped hundreds of customers make this decision. Choosing between a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or bike trainer can be a hard decision. All of them will give you a great cardio workout but there can be some significant cost … Continue reading How to Pick a Piece of Fitness Equipment