Scene from the Wheelway – Part 2

Checking the weather radar just before departing on a ride is a very good practice. But, sometimes storms can appear faster than modern technology can predict. I'd checked the weather radar repeatedly recently prior to embarking on a 30-mile ride, an out-and-back to the outskirts of Charlevoix along the Little Traverse Wheelway. There was rain … Continue reading Scene from the Wheelway – Part 2


Caring For Your Bike During Winter Riding

For many riders snow doesn't mean an end to the riding season. Whether you rideĀ in the white stuff for recreation or commute on sloppy roads and sidewalks; your bike is going to need some extra care to survive the winter. The combination of cold, moisture (or ice), and worst of all salt can wreak havoc … Continue reading Caring For Your Bike During Winter Riding

Bike Commuting Tips Part I

With the Emmet County Smart Commute just a few weeks away we thought it would be great to share some of our thoughts and tips about commuting by bike. Our staff has several year-round bike commuters and all of us ride to work regularly in the summer. If you would like to change your commute … Continue reading Bike Commuting Tips Part I