Little Traverse Wheelway: Petoskey to Charlevoix Route a Steady Favorite Throughout Seasons

For me, however, the Petoskey-Charlevoix leg has been a steady favorite. Not only is the distance preferable (about 34 miles roundtrip), the scenery is, too. From beautiful, multi-level East Park, across the top of stately Bay Harbor and on to woodsy West Park and beyond, this section offers more - for me - than the Harbor Springs segment (about 20 miles roundtrip).

FRESH EYEZ: Three Months of Cycling Photos (March-June ’21)

All Photos by Eric Cox Locations include spots along the Little Traverse Wheelway near Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Bay View and Charlevoix; Bear River Valley Recreation Area; Petoskey State Park; and other area locations.

Encouraging Others to Ride Bikes Sometimes a Slippery Slope

For Angus, it was a childhood bicycle crash that gave him anxiety about getting back in the saddle as an adult. But, Margie had watched too many Tour de France stages and was sure she couldn't ride a bike without a full kit and a team car. Old Earl had his reasons, too. He was … Continue reading Encouraging Others to Ride Bikes Sometimes a Slippery Slope