Hitting the Road

Road cycling can be an intimidating sport to enter due to its complex gear, unspoken rules, competitive culture and the fear of being "dropped". However, getting started doesn't have have to be a stressful experience. Here are some helpful tips and information to break it down! "Complex" Gear A quality bike shop has expert staff … Continue reading Hitting the Road


Bikepacking Basics

Bikepacking has long been one of my favorite ways to explore, relax, and challenge myself. I put together this overview to help others get the wheels turning (pun intended). This is not a comprehensive guide on bikepacking; treat it more as a list of considerations and some strategies for success. My belief is that there … Continue reading Bikepacking Basics

Winter Fat Biking Tips Part II

I hope you enjoyed part I of this article. For part II I'll be writing about clothing, studded tires, and companions. Clothing, the fine art of layering I have been wearing roughly the same outfit while winter cycling for about 4 years. Seriously, check the pictures. Why? Two reasons, because it works and because it lasts. Since … Continue reading Winter Fat Biking Tips Part II

Winter Fat Biking Tips Part I

Winter cycling presents a variety of challenges; however, with the proper gear and planning it can be incredibly rewarding. Snow transforms the forest and the trails. Places that are inaccessible in the summer become passable. Winter creates an entirely new riding experience. In this article I will share with you some of the considerations for winter … Continue reading Winter Fat Biking Tips Part I