New Products That We Kinda Like A Lot Part 1

Every fall we get visited by sales reps from a variety of companies in the cycling industry. Sometimes there isn’t much new to see and things are kind of business as usual. Other times they have new and exciting products that make us rethink or reorganize entire product categories, or create new ones! As fall transitions to winter many of these new bikes, clothes, and accessories start showing up. We have compiled a list of some of the staff favorites for you to check out.


Cannondale Fat CAAD 2 – For 2018 this bike gets an upgraded component spec that is highlighted by a 1x drivetrain. The price is also more competitive at $1899, $200 less than last year. We really dig the color and so does Seattle.


CycleOps Hammer Smart Trainer – If you really want to learn about the Hammer, check out Spencer’s Post from earlier this month. The short version pitch for the Hammer is the most realistic indoor cycling experience.



Fabric Silicone Lock-on Grips – They feel really good.

trail 5

Cannondale Trail 29er 5 – When we saw a sub $1000 29er with meaty tires, cool colors, and a 1x drivetrain we knew we were looking at a winner. The Trail 5 looks and feels like a bike that should cost about $400 more. It is a great bike for the recreational rider who doesn’t want to break the bank.


Light and Motion Lights – The Vibe, Vibe Pro TL, and Vibe Pro HL are innovative new lights for commuters and anyone looking for better visibility out there. Fully waterproof and drop-proof, no buttons, no charging cable to lose. Get on the bike, start riding, and the Vibe lights up. As a bonus L&M products are made in the USA!
Update: Jason, Mike, and Joe all snagged one and have been loving them.

If you enjoyed this article check out part II!

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