FRESH EYEZ: Winter/Early Spring 2020 Cycling & Hiking Photos

   Snow fell early and often last winter. But, all in all, it was a much more manageable season than last year’s winter, which seemed unending when the snow and ice lingered into late April.

   Our most recent winter saw a more regular freeze/thaw cycle that kept streets clearer and safer more frequently.

   As always, snowfall created stunningly beautiful landscapes – staples of Northern Michigan winters. But, while such scenes may be “normal” up here, keep in mind that I’m a Hoosier transplant here. That’s why my photography reflects what many locals may take for granted.

   That’s why I call this blog feature FRESH EYEZ! I’m looking at the local environment with fresh eyes. I hope these photos are loaded with the enthusiasm I feel for this gorgeous, nearly pristine environment which I cherish. Enjoy!

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