How to Pick a Piece of Fitness Equipment

What is the right piece of equipment for your home gym? At Latitude 45 we have helped hundreds of customers make this decision. Choosing between a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or bike trainer can be a hard decision. All of them will give you a great cardio workout but there can be some significant cost differences. Let’s look at some common user types and assess how one solution might be better than the others.

RPS50Recovering from an injury or surgery
Being hurt is never fun, but with a solid physical therapy program you can be stronger and healthier than you were before. It is essential to be consistent with your therapy and having equipment at home eliminates the excuse of having to leave the house.

When you are on your way back to 100% it is important to reduce the stress on your joints. Elliptical and Stationary bikes do this best because they guide you through smooth fluid motions. Both of these machines are significantly lower impact than a treadmill. If balance is a concern or the injury makes it unsafe to support your weight a stationary bike is preferred.

Best Option: Stationary Bike or Elliptical
Runner Up: Walking on treadmill

hammer-primarySerious Cyclist
For the serious cyclist a piece of exercise equipment is usually something to help keep your fitness in the winter or a way to cross train. Typically a bike trainer is the best option because it is a cost effective way to keep using your bike. Just set your bike on it and you’re back to doing what you love (sort of). If cross training is your goal you will want to consider a treadmill or rowing machine. Both can provide a nice change of pace from cycling.

Best Option: Trainer or Smart Trainer
Runner Up: Treadmill or Rower

Avid runner
For many runners a treadmill is the most popular solution for staying fit when it gets too cold to run outside. The best treadmills for runners will have an orthopedic belt and a system to soften the running deck. These features help prevent injury caused by excessive impact. Additionally a powerful motor is necessary to keep the belt running smoothly.

The PS800 checks all those boxes with a powerful 4hp motor, orthopedic deck, and Soft-Select System for the deck. Additionally, the machine comes with an intuitive touchscreen interface and heart-rate based workouts.

Best Option: PS800 Treadmill


Just looking to stay in shape this winter
For many of us the only goal is not to put on extra pounds through the winter season. Holidays and a reduction in activity level can make that a major challenge. Getting into an easy routine of 20-30 minutes of cardio several days a week goes a long ways towards maintaining your health.

Having a solid treadmill in the house is the easiest way to burn those calories. You don’t have to break the bank to do it but you want to make sure you get a quality machine that will last for many years. A simple interface with different pre-programmed routines can keep your workout from getting stale. An orthopedic belt is a must for daily users who don’t want to feel beat up.

Best Option: M50 Treadmill

We hope you find these tips helpful as we approach the start of winter. These are just a few of the user types we regularly see; we will be happy to help find the perfect equipment for your individual needs. We offer delivery to the surrounding area and service what we sell. Stop in and see us today.

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