All About Snowshoeing

We did a short interview about snowshoeing for a newspaper downstate. After giving ourselves a hearty pat on the back we thought you all might enjoy learning a bit more about the benefits of snowshoeing. Enjoy!

DSC_0054Please tell me a little bit in general about snowshoeing in Michigan. What makes snowshoeing the perfect winter activity?
If you live in Michigan you know that the best way to get through winter is to embrace it. Snowshoeing is a great activity to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of our state. It moves at a pace that allows you to really take in your surroundings. It’s also one of the most social winter activities, having a conversation while snowshoeing is much easier than other winter favorites like skiing, or snowmobiling.

lift tickets
This adds up quick!

What are some of the advantages of snowshoeing? Why do people enjoy heading out to snowshoe?
I believe the big advantage of snowshoeing is its accessibility. It doesn’t require a lot of athletic ability or skill, the equipment is reasonably priced, and you don’t need to buy a lift ticket. For a family of four a day at the slopes can easily be a $300 expense. Snowshoeing allows the whole family to participate, even little ones who may need to ride in a sled.

Conservancy properties across northern Michigan and the U.P.

Where are some good places to go snowshoeing in Michigan?
There are countless parks and nature preserves to go explore; even familiar places can feel like new adventures once winter transforms them. In Northern Michigan many of our best locations are nature preserves protected by the Little Traverse Conservancy. They protect nearly 60,000 acres in the region. Most of their preserves have marked trails and some are groomed for winter activities.

What equipment do people need to go snowshoeing?
A pair of snowshoes is the obvious one and for many users that is plenty. We recommend a pair of poles to get a full body workout and make it easier to cover challenging terrain. Good winter active wear is key for staying dry and warm. Depending on your boots a pair of gaiters can be a great addition for trekking through deeper snow.

What are some tips for people who may be trying out snowshoeing for the first time?
For your first time I’d recommend going someplace you are familiar with. Snowshoeing is great with a friend, or a four legged companion. Make sure you are familiar with your bindings. It’s a good idea to practice putting the shoes on while you are at home in the warmth so you don’t have to mess with them at the trailhead. Snowshoeing is a good workout so be sure to dress in layers that allow you to regulate your body temperature.

img_20170303_142957568.jpgWhat do you personally enjoy about snowshoeing?
I am blessed enough to live in a spot where I can head out the back door and be in the forest in minutes. I love how easy it is to go, regardless of snow conditions. I love the quiet of the woods in winter and snowshoeing is the best way to get there. It’s also an ideal winter activity for bringing my dog.

IMG_20171128_110942518.jpgPlease share any other information you would like to see included in the piece.
There are lots of places to buy snowshoes online but I still believe the best way to purchase them is through a local store like us. Some common mistakes are buying the wrong size or style for your needs, using the wrong boots, or not properly adjusting your bindings. By going to a good shop you can avoid a lot of those mistakes. Additionally, you local shop can recommend great places to go enjoy your new snowshoes.

If snowshoeing sounds like something you’d like to try, stop in and see us to rent or purchase a pair. We have some great end of winter deals going; get a pair now and be set for next winter.

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